Trade & Investment Policy

Trade & Investment Policy

Kommisjonen arbeider med handelspolitiske spørsmål og spesielt multilaterale forhandlinger som skjer innen rammen av WTO. Kommisjonen legger frem policyanbefalinger og kommenterer de fleste sentrale internasjonale forslag om reguleringer som påvirker verdenshandelen.

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Trade & Investment Policy

Tore Myhre


Viggo Thomas Kristensen


Christian Angell

Manager Corporate Affairs,
Philip Morris International

Aftershock: The pervasive effects of tariff hikes

The report, commissioned by ICC, as part of the ICC World Trade Agenda – an initiative in partnership with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry – outlines 10 possible effects of a return to the destructive, broad-based tariff increases of the 1930s that have become a genuine possibility in light of recent tit-for-tat hikes by some leading economies.


The fewer the barriers to the cross-border flow of goods, services, capital and labour, the greater the openness of an economy. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publishes the Open Markets Index (OMI) with the aim of presenting a balanced and reliable measurement of an economy’s openness to trade. ICC hopes that the OMI may serve as a guide for governments in implementing reforms to enable trade as a driver of sustainable growth and job creation.

Business Guide to Trade and Investment

This first volume on International Trade edited by Arthur Appleton and Patrick Macrory, is a most welcome addition to the publications on international trade law and policy.