Kommisjonen behandler og fremmer næringslivets synspunkter på internasjonal skattlegging basert på nasjonale skattereformer.

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Jan Martin Fjellestad

Jan Martin Fjellestad

Advokatfirma Ræder

Ellen Mulstad


ICC Tax Charter

The ICC Tax Charter presents a useful tool to encourage collaboration between governments and the business community, which is essential to help define the contours of a suitable tax framework that encourages business activities, job creation, economic growth and consistency of global standards.

Tax and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This ICC paper addresses how effective tax policy can facilitate economic growth, and in doing so, support the UN SDGs.

ICC response to the European Union (EU) Consultation on the fair taxation of the digital economy

The draft aims to submit international business views with respect to taxation of the digitalised economy.

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