41st ICC Institute Annual Conference

The 41st edition of the ICC Institute Annual Conference will take place on 29 November 2021. This year the theme is “Rethinking the Paradigms of International Arbitration”.

The pandemic forced us into confinement. However, our arbitration work had to continue and thus we discovered working remotely. Through the ingenious use of technology, we realized that all of our constant traveling and face-to-face meetings were in fact not so essential. From our office, and at the height of the pandemic from our own home, we have come to discover that we are more efficient in this new, virtual world. Indeed, the world of arbitration flourishes without the need for the so-called arbitration tourism that made us waste our lives at airports, hotels and exhausting meeting rooms. And whilst we were increasing the efficiency of our work, we were also questioning the very way in which we had been carrying out arbitration proceedings, questioning the very basis of international arbitration. We were Rethinking the Paradigms of International Arbitration.

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To register: https://2go.iccwbo.org/icc-institute-annual-conference-rethinking-the-paradigms-of-international-arbitration.html

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